Review: NEFI Technology Talk ´Towards a Sustainable Automotive Industry´

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by Oxana Schmidt

The NEFI Technology Talk ´Towards a sustainable automotive industry´ on 27 April 2023 in cooperation with Pankl Racing Systems AG focused on the challenges of achieving climate neutrality in the automotive sector. More than 25 participants from different sectors, an interesting introduction to the Pankl company and an exciting exchange in the subsequent discussion round characterised this NEFI Technology Talk.

The published NEFI scenarios (download NEFI scenarios), which provide an overview of the future energy generation in mechanical and vehicle engineering on the way to climate neutrality, served as a basis for discussion. The basis for the transformation is formed by production technologies around four technological levers:

  1. Use of renewable gases and biomass
  2. Electrification and increased general energy efficiency
  3. Carbon capture
  4. Circular economy.

In order to successfully implement these technological levers, we invited stakeholders from the automotive value chain to the NEFI Technology Talks and brought them together for a dialogue with our NEFI experts. Important questions regarding energy supply security, energy efficiency, energy storage, the use of renewable gases and waste heat utilisation were discussed. During the discussion it became clear that electrification based on renewable energy will play a key role in the transformation of the automotive sector.

The fact that dialogues between industry, science and politics represent a significant added value for achieving climate neutrality was made clear with this event. For this reason, the NEFI Innovation Network will continue to promote this dialogue in the future.

Here you can find the NEFI - New Energy for Industry presentation (PDF-File in German).