NEFI as impulse generator for decarbonisation

The further development of the Austrian energy system towards a modern, resource-efficient and decarbonised energy supply holds several hurdles. The co-operation between economy, science and politics is the key for success. NEFI Industry Dialogue Sessions are offering a platform for the dialogue between representatives of the Austrian industry and scientific experts to cope together with the important questions of decarbonising the industry.

Many efforts are currently being made at a wide variety of levels, such as research and politics, to achieve national and international climate targets. Since around 44% of annual greenhouse gas emissions (Statistik Austria, 2017) and almost 30% of the final energy consumption (Statistik Austria, 2019) can be attributed to the “producing sector”, there is also a great need for innovation here, in addition to the sectors of “transport” and “buildings”. The phasing out of fossil fuels is a major challenge for the industry. There are different problems that need to be addressed and solved, both in specific sectors and within companies. This can only be achieved through the cooperation of experts in an innovative environment. And this is exactly what the NEFI (New Energy for Industry) Dialogue Sessions are intended to facilitate.

NEFI Dialogue Sessions as an interface between science and research

Offering an interactive dialogue between the representatives of industry and science the NEFI Industry Dialogue Sessions are creating the opportunity to bring problems into an innovative environment and to find constructive solutions together with experts from different sectors. Together, future challenges in the transformation of the industrial energy system shall be recognised, gaps highlighted and potential for improvement identified. In the discussions, topics are raised regarding more energy-efficient processes as well as technology options and their economic feasibility in the respective industry. A status quo survey of the present process landscape enables an estimate of the share of integration of renewable energies in already existing structures and highlights the need for action. The resulting innovative ideas can be implemented in a further step in scientific projects. NEFI acts here as an interface between economy and science and thus contributes to turning problems into opportunities.

NEFI Industry Dialogue Table starts in February 2021

In this setting, discussions have already been held with representatives from industry, whose industrial companies together account for more than 60% of final industrial energy consumption in Austria. In February 2021, all participants will be invited to an internal meeting, the so-called NEFI Industry Dialogue Table, where exclusive insights will be presented to scenarios for the decarbonisation of industry and about the results of individual talks will be discussed together An innovative atmosphere will create space for the exchange of views and offers the members the opportunity to benefit from the technical and scientific know-how of the entire network. Open discussions will support the whole learning process and enable the adaptation of the required framework conditions. In this way the participants of the NEFI Industry Dialogue Sessions have the chance to contribute actively in the change processes and to promote the exchange of ideas not only within their sector but across sectors.

A consistent path towards decarbonisation can only be tackled together. By participating in the NEFI Industry Dialogue Sessions industrial companies in Austria can actively take part in the energy transition, bringing in their thoughts about potential upcoming challenges and contributing with project ideas to the development of the comprehensive decarbonisation scenarios of NEFI. We are pleased to invite you to become part of the NEFI community and to share your views on this topic with our experts.

If you are interested, we would be happy to make an appointment for a discussion.

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