#NEFI Number of the Month: 13

NEFI_Number of the Month June is 13. I the framework of the NEFI_Lab innovation process we are following – 13 Open Cycles on the NEFI innovation fields. In our Open Cycles, we discuss topics related to our technological and systemic NEFI innovation fields with you.

# Energy Efficiency & New Processes

# Renewable Energy & Storage & DSM

# Industry to Grid # New Business Models

# System Solution & Infrastructure

# Legislation Innovation & Research Policies

Zahl des Monats 13

The aim of our Open Cycle Innovation process is to develop project outlines for new NEFI projects. The 4th Call Vorzeigeregion Energie was launched in April 2021. Actually we are transforming project ideas coming from the Open Cycles into Project outlines for the submission in September.

In the coming weeks we will introduce you to our Open Cycles! Follow us on social media at #NEFI_OC and contact us (office@nefi.at)!

>> Here is the way to the NEFI_Lab Innovation process

The aim of the NEFI – New Energy for Industry showcase region is to develop and demonstrate NEFI projects for decarbonising the industrial energy system with key technologies. Progressive digitalisation plays a central role, creating new opportunities to make the energy system and industrial processes more flexible. NEFI focuses on six fields of innovation and pursues a systemic approach in which the company is an important part of an integrated energy network. This also results in new business models.


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