EDCSproof user study is looking for participants!

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by Oxana Schmidt

The AIT Center for Technology Experience is looking for participants for a user study. This is carried out online via web conference system and takes about 90 minutes. Interested parties should work in the field of industrial production (e.g. site management, energy officers, production management, innovation management).

The study is performed in the framework of the project EDCSproof (Energy Demand Control System – PROcess Optimization For industrial low temperature system). The project deals specifically with industrial energy supply systems. The research focus is on online, predictive, holistic and reconfigurable control and optimization of low temperature systems. In the study, participants will gain insight into a prototype for optimization control and experience several variants in fictitious usage scenarios. They are asked about their user experience and can make suggestions for improvement

If you are interested to participate please contact:

Further information on the project EDCSproof:

In the project, the Center for Technology Experience is responsible for designing and implementing an easy-to-use interface for customers that will enable them to achieve their goals in a simple and straightforward manner while providing a positive user experience. The AIT is also leading the field evaluation of the system and is systematically collecting feedback from the users.

More information on the Center for Technology Experience: