NEW ENERGY FOR INDUSTRY 2021 – Conference of the Innovation Network

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Date: 06.05.2021 – 07.05.2021

Planned as a national scientific conference the two-day public event focuses on professional exchange, networking of participants and transfer of knowledge from the NEFI fields of innovation to the public.

EDCSproof Nutzer*innenstudie -Teilnehmer*innen gesucht!

Das AIT Center for Technology Experience ist auf der Suche nach Teilnehmer*innen für eine Nutzer*innenstudie im Rahmen des Projekts EDCSproof (Energy Demand Control System – PROcess Optimization For industrial low temperature system). Diese wird online per Webkonferenz-System durchgeführt und beansprucht ca. 90 Minuten.

Interessent*innen sollten im Bereich der industriellen Produktion arbeiten (bspw. Standortmanagement, Energiebeauftragte, Produktionsleitung, Innovationsmanagement).


NEFI – New Energy for Industry: Innovationsverbund für emissionsfreie Industrie wächst um vier weitere Projekte


Der Innovationsverbund NEFI – New Energy for Industry erhielt die Zusage für die Förderung von vier neuen Projekten durch den Klima- und Energiefonds im Rahmen der Vorzeigeregion Energie mit einem Projektvolumen von insgesamt 6,7 Millionen Euro.

Rückblick NEFI-Industrial Board

Am 13. November 2020 fand die konstituierende Sitzung des NEFI-Industrial Board (IB) mit Vertreter*innen der österreichischen Industrie und Energiewirtschaft online statt. Das IB dient dem gegenseitigen fachlichen Austausch , um die Dekarbonisierung und die Transformation des industriellen Energiesystems voranzutreiben.

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CE4T beim 3rd Mobility Forum IONICA

Am 20. und 21. Oktober 2020 fand das „3rd Mobility Forum IONICA – Neue Wege im Tourismus“ in Zell am See mit 600 Online-Teilnehmer*innen und 140 Live Teilnehmer*innen statt. Das vom Klima- und Energiefonds geförderte NEFI-Projekt Clean Energy for Tourism (#CE4T) war stark vertreten.

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Förder- und Finanzierungsinstrumente als wichtige Elemente im NEFI Innovationsprozess 

Zweck der NEFI Vorzeigeregion ist es, das Innovationspotential im Bereich der Dekarbonisierung der Industrie zu stärken. Da Finanzierungs- und Förderungsinstrumente ein zentrales Element für die Umsetzung von Innovationsvorhaben darstellen, wurde ein sogenannter „Open Cycle“ zu diesem Thema eingerichtet.

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NEFI number of the month: 800 giga tons – this much CO2 may still be emitted in order not to miss the targets agreed at the Paris Climate Conference of a maximum global warming of 2°C. At current CO2 emissions levels of around 50 gigatons per year, this budget will be used up in just 16 years.


Tourism flagship region – key elements of a sustainable tourism region


A sustainable tourism region is created from individual pieces and elements of the puzzle of innovative ideas that fit together to form a large whole thanks to the commitment of interested stakeholders. Supported by the Climate and Energy Fund the project Clean Energy for Tourism (#CE4T) is contributing to complete the picture and aims to work with Pinzgau cable car companies to promote decarbonisation and efficiency improvements in the winter tourism industry.

NEFI-expert Tanja Tötzer of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology will speak on this topic at the 3rd Mobility Forum IONICA in Zell am See on October 21, 2020.

„Climate Protection Made in Austria “: Investing in the energy future


On 29 September, the Climate and Energy Fund organised the annual event of the FTI initiative under the motto “Innovations for Climate Protection”. The three showcase regions Green Energy Lab (GEL), New Energy for Industry (NEFI) and the Hydrogen initiative showcase region Austria Power & Gas (WIVA P&G) resented the progress made in various individual projects.

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Investment premium: 14 % additional support for the energy transition in companies

The new investment premium promotes investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy and e-mobility as well as other greening measures with a premium of 14 %. The measure is available for all companies with Austrian sites, regardless of their size or sector. The funding is for investments from 5.000 Euros to a maximum of 50 million Euros, excluded are e.g. climate-damaging investments (such as in oil and gas or fossil-fuelled vehicles). The premium can be applied for until February 28, 2021 for investments that have been made since August 1, 2020. The Austria Wirtschaftsservice GesmbH (aws), the promotional bank of the Austrian federal government, is processing the application.

New Energy for Industry Newsletter

The first german issue of our New Energy for Industry Newsletter was published at the end of July! If you would like to receive news and insights on industry decarbonization, you can subscribe to our newsletter at You can read the first german issue here.

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Clean Energy for Tourism (#CE4T) – First use of optimization algorithms

The aim of the CE4T project is to support Salzburg’s ski resorts on their way to decarbonisation by, among other things, identifying flexible loads in ski resorts and deploying them optimally according to network load, electricity market and CO2 emissions.

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NEFI Industry Dialogue Sessions – Direct Interviews to design the szenario development of NEFI

In the past quarter, rounds of interviews were held with representatives from various industrial sectors on the overall picture of the industrial energy system in Austria. The results of the individual interviews show first approaches for the decarbonisation of industry “Made in Austria”. 

Waste water treatment plant as energy hub and resource supplier

The online seminar series will be continued due to the vivid interest on September 9, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. More information on registration and topics is to follow soon. 

Abwasseranlage von oben

NEFI Lab:InToPublic

University of Leoben is currently building up the NEFI Lab:InToPublic , which is based on the “Hardware in the Loop – HiL” approach. This makes it possible to combine novel energy supply and consumption technologies and flexible components as hardware depending on the task at hand. In the field of industrial energy system technology, this approach represents an innovative way to research into complex (hybrid) energy systems.

Labor NEFI Lab

Process design  to reduce CO2 emissions in steel production


The NEFI-project „OxySteel“, directed by Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Dock, is concerned with increasing energy efficiency in electric steel production. The process layout is used to explain how CO2 emissions can be reduced by using new technologies.

oxysteel prozessdesign

Online industry scenario workshop is currently in round three: 15 interviews in the new format so far

The measures based on COVID-19 resulted in a new and now successful model for the planned industry scenario workshop

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Research Project SANBA – Test drilling started

On January 21, the research team of the NEFI project SANBA started with a test drilling at the NÖM area. The properties of the substrate are tested regarding their suitability as heat and cold storage.

Sanba Probebohrung

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