Innovation Hubs

NEFI creates projects with impact

What are NEFI Innovation Hubs?

NEFI Innovation Hubs are specialist networks that aim to initiate critical research and innovation projects.

NEFI Hubs focus on various technological pathways that hold promise in terms of developing solutions for the industrial energy transition.

Each Hub is led by two prestigious research institutions which are developing significant and practical research and demonstration projects in collaboration with industry partners.

High-quality project generation

The quality of the projects is assured by the established NEFI innovation process. Project leaders also receive support from NEFI, including help with impact calculations and applying for relevant funding.

What benefits do the NEFI Innovation Hubs provide?


Support across the innovation process: from the project idea and grant application to impact evaluation



Dissemination of project results and worldwide visibility of ‘Made-in-Austria’ solutions


Lab Facilities

Access to cutting-edge lab facilities such as the Virtual Industry Lab (VIL) and the Energy Systems Lab