NEFI enters next phase

The New Energy for Industry innovation network is now entering its next phase with NEFI+. The new innovation laboratory forms a central contact point for projects and solutions “Made in Austria” that make a decisive contribution to climate neutrality in industry. The aim is to help domestic innovations in this area break through more quickly, both at a national and international level. NEFI+ is part of the Climate and Energy Fund’s RTI initiative for the transformation of industry.

+ What is new? +

NEFI+ is intensifying efforts to develop high-quality projects and distribute solutions for the industrial transformation towards climate neutrality at an international level.

NEFI+ is expanding by creating thematic hubs. These newly established NEFI Innovation Hubs are developing high-quality research and innovation projects across various decarbonisation pathways, leveraging the proven NEFI innovation process.
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Virtual Industry Lab
Experiencing the industrial energy transition first-hand – this is achievable on a new scale with the NEFI Virtual Industry Lab. A custom-designed showroom provides the opportunity to present project results to a broad audience. Additionally, a toolbox facilitates the virtual assessment of industrial sites.
NEFI+ expands the NEFI decarbonization scenarios by extending them through sensitivity analyses. The focus is on macroeconomic effects and infrastructure needs. These extensions provide valuable impulses for the placement of projects in the Austrian industrial landscape and the development of suitable strategies for the decarbonization of the industrial energy system.
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NEFI+ aids in assessing the impact of research and innovation projects. A user-friendly monitoring system assists projects in evaluating their effectiveness. The acquired insights contribute to the development of scenarios and recommendations aimed at accelerating Austria’s path to climate neutrality.
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NEFI+ is broadening its activities to present and establish ‘Made-in-Austria’ solutions on the international stage. International research and innovation efforts make a valuable contribution to industrial climate neutrality by leveraging synergies effectively.
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