NEFI – New Energy for Industry is part of the Climate and Energy Fund’s Energy Showcase Region. The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, the University of Leoben, the Upper Austrian Energy Saving Association and Business Upper Austria are the supporting organizations of the network coordination.

Field of activity

In addition to the supporting organizations, the NEFI consortium consists of other partners (80 companies, 14 research institutions) from the field of energy technology and energy research. Within the framework of the funded research projects, key technologies for decarbonization of the industrial energy system are developed, demonstrated and brought to market maturity.

Network coordination

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
Research company
DI Dr. Wolfgang Hribernik
Giefinggasse 4, 1210 Vienna; +43 50550-0

Montan Universität Leoben, Chair for Energy Network Technology
Professor DI Dr. Thomas Kienberger
Franz-Josef-Str. 18, 8700 Leoben

OÖ Energiesparverband
Energieagentur des Landes Oberösterreich
Mag. Christiane Egger
Landstraße 45, 4020 Linz

Business Upper Austria – Upper Austrian Business Agency GmbH
Location agency of the federal state of Upper Austria
DI Dorian Wessely
Hafenstraße 47-51, 4020 Linz

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