February 14-16, 2024

EnInnov 2024 – 18th Symposium for Energy Innovation

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by Oxana Schmidt

February 14-16, 2024


TU Graz, Campus Inffeldgasse, 8010 Graz


IEE of TU Graz

Under the motto "EUROPE'S ENERGY FUTURE - Secure, Affordable, Clean?!," the 18th Symposium Energy Innovation will take place at Graz University of Technology from February 14 to 16, 2024. Over 220 speakers and participants will discuss current energy-related issues at Graz University of Technology and present solutions to the challenges of the future in the energy sector.

Our world is undergoing a transformation, and Europe, in particular, faces significant challenges in this regard. In August 2023, negotiations among BRICS countries, among others, for the introduction of a new gold-based currency were intensified, and over 40 other countries expressed interest in participating. It is currently challenging to estimate how this process will develop and, more importantly, what consequences it will have for global energy and commodity markets and, thus, for Europe. In September 2023, a meeting on the current development of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) was convened in New York by the United Nations. Concerning the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the difficulty of globally agreeing on fair and binding goals and measures, especially with the largest emitter countries in the world, was once again evident. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine currently takes center stage for Europe, with the situation for European energy supply exacerbated by the explosion of one of the central European natural gas infrastructures (Nord Stream 1&2) in September 2022. As a consequence, last winter saw an unprecedentedly uncertain situation for gas and electricity supply in Europe. These developments have also led to massive price increases across the entire energy sector, significantly burdening the European population and economies and jeopardizing Europe's global competitiveness.

For many decades, Europe and the European energy industry have successfully managed to achieve the often opposing classical energy policy goals of secure, affordable, and clean energy supply for society and the economy. However, against the backdrop of the outlined global developments, the central question arises: How should the European energy industry evolve? Despite Europe historically having limited energy and resource reserves, the question of energy security is more relevant than ever, engaging both people and businesses alike. In addition to the technical aspects of secure energy supply, the question of the affordability of energy is gaining prominence, and the initial effects of the current and anticipated high energy prices are becoming intensely noticeable. From an environmental protection perspective, it is essential to address not only how the current goals can be achieved but also how the environmental and social issues related to the construction of the necessary energy infrastructures in Europe can be tackled. Europe must proactively address these questions and develop open and fact-based approaches to solutions. Crucially, for the realization of the necessary innovations at all levels, sufficient (young) individuals must be adequately qualified and trained.

Therefore, science and research, business, NGOs, associations, as well as politics and administration are called upon to contribute in the spirit of a prosperous development of European energy and society, and these contributions will be presented and intensively discussed during the symposium.

As part of the EnInnov 2024 Symposium and in the interest of a prosperous development of the European energy industry and society, several papers and NEFI-New Energy for Industry solutions will be presented and discussed by our NEFI experts during the symposium.

You can find the program, registration details, and further information about the event here.