Industry4Redispatch - First Research Results Presented

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by Oxana Schmidt

At the 6th consortium meeting in Graz at the beginning of July, organized by Energienetze Steiermark, significant progress was presented within the NEFI project "Industry4Redispatch" (I4RD). The meeting focused on TSO-DSO interaction, redispatch, and operational planning of energy supply for industrial facilities. The spotlight was on initial research findings that revealed promising opportunities for optimizing energy consumption.

A remarkable success was achieved in the demo operation at Wiesbauer Reidling, where production planning can now be done through a user-friendly interface. Additionally, heat and cold storage can be used as flexible resources for redispatch measures. This makes it possible to adapt production to the current requirements of the power grid and avoid bottlenecks.

Another milestone was reached with the specific definition of redispatch requirements. This is an important step in optimizing the collaboration between transmission system operators (TSOs) and distribution system operators (DSOs) and making the redispatch process more efficient.

Further demos are being prepared to test redispatch offerings from industrial plants while considering the distribution grids. The necessary procedures have already been successfully tested within a game specifically developed for the project. The game allows participants to submit redispatch offerings in various scenarios, which are then checked for feasibility in terms of potential distribution grid restrictions. This approach opens up new possibilities to improve collaboration between industrial plants and grid operators and ensure reliable energy supply.

The NEFI Project "Industry4Redispatch" aims to facilitate the integration of industrial plants into the redispatch process and maximize the flexibility of their energy consumption patterns. Through close collaboration between research institutions, industrial companies, and grid operators, the goal is to make the energy transition more efficient and sustainable.

For more information about the project and research results, please visit: Industry4Redispatch | NEFI.