September, 12 2023

NEFI Technology Talk: Hydrogen for Austria's Industry - Challenges and Solutions on the Path to Decarbonisation

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by Oxana Schmidt

September, 12 2023


10:00 – 17:00


HTL Vöcklabruck




Participation is free of charge.


Our Goal within the NEFI Technology Talks

The global innovation landscape offers an excellent basis for the development of innovative solutions to achieve the desired climate goals. Since numerous research projects on the use of new sustainable technologies are in full swing, we now want to take the next step: At the NEFI Technology Talks, national and international efforts in the context of selected industrial decarbonization topics are brought together, findings and results are synthesized and synergies are formed in order to use them for further developments and to drive them forward.

The Austrian industry is facing enormous challenges: By 2040, it aims to achieve climate neutrality and complete decarbonization. Hydrogen is often referred to as the crucial driver for this transformation. But what prerequisites are necessary for this goal? What technologies are currently being developed, and which ones already exist? How can businesses and individuals participate in this transformation? And when will hydrogen become an affordable source of energy? In our NEFI Technology Talk, we will explore these questions and present the latest findings and solutions during this event.

Join us and our experts in discussing this important topic!

As part of the Technology Talk, you will have the opportunity to visit the Underground Sun Storage (USS) with experts from RAG. This geological hydrogen storage is designed to help store excess solar energy generated in the summer through electrolysis and make it available during the colder months.

Please note that registration for the visit will be done separately.


Language: German


Moderator: Gregor Offenthaler, Cleantech-Cluster, Business Upper Austria





Greeting words of the director of HTL Vöcklabruck, Gernot Weissensteiner

Keynote: Hydrogen Infrastructure as an Essential Enabler of Industrial Climate Neutrality

Thomas Kienberger, Head of Chair of Energy Network Technolog at the Montanuniversität Leoben & of the NEFI_Lab

Presentation 1: Hydrogen Network Upper Austria

Klaus Oberreiter, Head of Policy and Location at Business Upper Austria

Presentation 2: Technological Innovations in Storage: Underground Sun Storage, Underground Sun Conversion.

Stephan Bauer, Head of Power to Gas Innovation and development, RAG

Presentation 3: Demonstration of a CO₂-neutral energy supply for industrial plants: The NEFI H2Factory project

Matthias Veltman, Engineering Platform Leader H2 & E-Fuels, INNIO Jenbacher


Lunch break


Presentation 4: Legal Framework for Long-Term Energy Storage - The Most Crucial Key to Sustainable Energy Transition?

Marie-Theres Holzleitner Senior Researcher, Head of Legal Services & Process Development, Energieinstitut an der JKU and Katrin Burgstaller, Junior Researcher, Energieinstitut an der JKU

Presentation 5: Activities for the ramp-up of a hydrogen market in Austria

Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK)

Presentation 6: Hydrogen costs: Where do we stand, where do we need to go?

Judith Kapeller, Research Engineer, Center for Energy, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

Discussion panel with all speakers

Moderation: Dorian Wessely, Manager Cleantech-Cluster, Business Upper Austria


Café and Networking


Departure for visit to RAG Underground Sun Storage




Participation in the event is free of charge. Get your free ticket for this event!

In the context of the Technology Talks, you have the opportunity to visit the Underground Sun Storage (USS) together with experts from RAG. This geological hydrogen storage facility is designed to store excess solar energy generated during the summer through electrolysis, making it available during the colder months. If you are interested in the tour, please purchase a free ticket for the visit in addition to the ticket for the talk.

The number of participants is limited. If all tickets for the USS tour are sold out, you have the option to put yourself on a waiting list for the tour by sending an email to:

We are looking forward to welcoming you and having a lively exchange!