Net-Zero Industries Mission: Have your say in a short online survey!

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by Oxana Schmidt

Energy-intensive industries such as steel, cement and chemicals are responsible for a quarter of global GHG emissions. The potential for CO₂ avoidance is around 60 gigatonnes by 2030, but new technologies and innovations need to be developed until then, because around 2030 the next modernisation cycle is also due in this sector. Mission Innovation members, led by Austria and Australia, have launched a new Mission Innovation Partnership ‘Net-Zero Industries’ to respond to these challenges. The Austrian Climate and Energy Fund is coordinating these activities.

The goal of this mission is to ensure, through international R&D cooperation, that a set of technical solutions is available by 2030 that will enable the complete decarbonisation of energy-intensive industries by 2050.

The Net-Zero Industries mission has recently published a discussion paper for a climate-smart industry for public consultation! Have your say in the short online survey and contribute your expertise till June 30th 2022!

More information about the “Net-Zero Industries” partnership can be found at: NET-ZERO INDUSTRIES MISSION – Mission Innovation (

Founded in 2015, Mission Innovation (MI) is a global initiative of 22 countries and the European Commission, aiming to accelerate innovation in energy technologies. Austria has been a member since 2018 and is represented by the Ministry of Climate Protection (BMK).

MI countries share the high development risks that cannot be borne by a single country. Each mission addresses a major unresolved clean energy challenge. They are implemented in a results-oriented manner by an alliance of countries, companies and research submissions and are designed to last ten years: