Research Project SANBA – Test drilling started

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by Oxana Schmidt

NEFI Research project SANBA, with a focus on low-temperature networks, also called anergy systems, is one of the largest research projects that have so far been carried out in the urban area of Baden

On January 21, the research team of the NEFI project SANBA started with a test drilling at the NÖM area. The properties of the substrate are tested regarding their suitability as heat and cold storage. The researchers defined three specific scenarios for site development as the basis for the energy and renovation calculations. These range from the exclusive use of the listed, refurbished existing buildings without new buildings, to compacted buildings with

mixed use. In addition to the technical analysis and planning, there is also a business analysis in which the specific costs of the different energy services for these three development scenarios are determined and compared.

Anergy networks, i.e. water-based heating or cooling networks, which bring the energy transport close to ambient temperature, have been discussed and demonstrated more and more in the last few years as future-proof systems for the sustainable provision of heating and cooling services. The advantages of anergy networks are diverse and range from extremely low-loss energy transport in corresponding networks, the possibility of using industrial waste heat at a low temperature level or the possibility of storing heat and cold in large-volume geothermal storage tanks. In the NEFI project SANBA concrete low-temperature networks are examined using the Martinek site (a former military barack) and the Lower Austrian dairy (NÖM AG). The Martinek site has a total area of approximately 40 hectares and can be considered as an attractive urban expansion area.


People in picture: Gerhard Bartak (NÖM), Vice-Mayor Helga Krismer, Mayor Stefan Szirucsek, Project manager Edith Haslinger and Co-ordinator in Baden, Gerfried Koch, at the test drilling.

Photo: Climate and Energy Department of the Municipality Baden