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Review of the NEFI Hackathon 2022

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by Oxana Schmidt

The NEFI HACKATHON 2022 was a special highlight at the Chair of Energy Network Technology of Montanuniversität Leoben at the NEFI_Lab:InToPublic. Students from all over Austria were working from 30th to 31st of May 2022 on green digitalization solutions of industrial energy systems. The aim of the event was to optimize an industrial, electrical and thermal energy system involving heat storage, heat pumps, photovoltaic system and electrical storage.

DI Christopher Gradwohl (MUL) welcomed all teams and explained the assignment. Afterwards the event was relocated to the laboratory at the Chair which was provided as a working space for more than 30 hours.

In general, the project deadline on the second day at 3 pm was not only a challenge regarding programming and problem-solving skills. It was also a challenge about time management and teamwork.

After the submission all teams gave short presentations of their results and approaches to the jury and representatives of the sponsoring partner companies.

Our sponsoring partner companies Rohrdorfer, Fronius, Energie Burgenland, Energie Steiermark and Gösser Brauerei enabled all participants the catering as well as price money to the value of 2000 € and material prizes for the winning teams. The winning team (Gamauf Martin und Gössler Heinrich; MUL) was awarded with 1500 €. Maier Matthias, Rock Maximilian und Siebenhofer David (MUL) occupied the second position with a price money of 500 €. In third place were two teams that were rewarded with a material prize: Darab Liza, Kirchsteiger Anna and Muehleder Helmut (FH Wels), and Allgäuer Raphael und Sorger Georg (MUL).