Review of the NEFI Technology Talk ´Hydrogen for Austria's Industry - Challenges and Solutions on the Path to Decarbonisation´

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by Oxana Schmidt

On September 12, 2023, the NEFI Technology Talk on 'Hydrogen for Austria's Industry - Challenges and Solutions on the Path to Decarbonisation' took place with 120 participants. This event provided an opportunity for experts, professionals and interested individuals to discuss the current challenges and opportunities related to the integration of hydrogen as a key component in Austria's industry.

The Austrian industry is facing significant challenges as it aims for climate neutrality and decarbonization by 2040. Hydrogen is often seen as the crucial driver for this transformation. During the event, important questions were discussed:

Requirements for Hydrogen Deployment: In a keynote presentation, Prof. Dr. Thomas Kienberger outlined the essential prerequisites and infrastructure requirements that are indispensable for the efficient use of hydrogen in the industry.

Current Technologies and Innovations: The focus was on ongoing developments and technologies in the field of hydrogen, including the hydrogen network in Upper Austria and Underground Sun Storage.

CO₂-Neutral Energy Supply: Insight was provided into the NEFI project H2Factory, which emphasizes the demonstration of a CO₂-neutral energy supply for industrial operations.

Legal Framework: The legal aspects of long-term energy storage were discussed, as they are crucial for the sustainability of the energy transition.

Activities for Scaling Up a Hydrogen Market: Experts shared their perspectives on how the hydrogen market can be promoted in Austria.

Hydrogen Costs: An analysis of the current costs of hydrogen and future efforts to reduce them were presented.

The panel discussion with all speakers provided a platform for in-depth conversations and the exchange of ideas on the future of hydrogen utilization in Austria.

After the informative presentations and discussions, participants had the opportunity to network and deepen their conversations at the café. The event concluded with a tour of the RAG Underground Sun Storage, providing insight into the practical implementation of hydrogen technologies.

The NEFI Technology Talk offered valuable insights and information for companies, researchers, and individuals actively engaged in transforming the Austrian industry through hydrogen. We thank all speakers and participants for their valuable contributions and look forward to further discussions and progress progress in this crucial area.

To the presentations (PDF-files in German or in English)