The NEFI project Heat Highway wins the Upper Austrian State Prize for Innovation

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by Oxana Schmidt

For 30 years, the Upper Austrian State Prize for Innovation has been awarded. In this anniversary year, the team from the Energy Institute at JKU Linz is delighted to receive the award. The NEFI project Heat Highway, led by Key Researcher Simon Moser from the Energy Institute at JKU Linz, has secured the first place in the Research category.

Heat Highway is a groundbreaking research project that focuses on transregional heat transmission networks, with an emphasis on utilizing various waste heat sources. What makes this project truly unique is the number of involved stakeholders, its interregional nature and the advanced form of collaboration.

Would you like to learn more about the project? Visit the virtual demonstrator at Ars Electronica in Linz. Here, you can see a segment of a virtual "High-Temperature-Network Demonstrator" showcasing how the "Heat Highway" operates.

The Heat Highway project is a milestone in energy supply. We firmly believe that innovative solutions like this will contribute to advancing progress in the field of energy supply in (Upper) Austria.

Additional information about the project and publications on its innovative concept can be found on our website: Heat Highway | NEFI.

The Upper Austrian State Prize for Innovation was accepted on behalf of the entire project team by Robert Tichler and Simon Moser. Their dedication and hard work played a significant role in securing the 1st place in the Research category for Heat Highway.

We would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our cooperation partners. We are proud of the entire team and congratulate them on this outstanding achievement!

The project is made possible through funding from the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund and the State of Upper Austria.