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Tourism flagship region – key elements of a sustainable tourism region

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by Oxana Schmidt

„Austrian tourism as a cross-sectoral economic sector has a huge potential to implement innovative energy and mobility technologies on a large scale and to bring them closer to the population, businesses and guests. As part of the Energy NEFI showcase region (New Energy for Industry) the region of Pinzgau is a pioneer in testing and demonstrating this as a “living laboratory” in real operation”.

Tanja Tötzer
Scientist, Center for Energy at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

A sustainable tourism region is created from individual pieces and elements of the puzzle of innovative ideas that fit together to form a large whole thanks to the commitment of interested stakeholders. Supported by the Climate and Energy Fund the project Clean Energy for Tourism (#CE4T) is contributing to complete the picture and aims to work with Pinzgau cable car companies to promote decarbonisation and efficiency improvements in the winter tourism industry. In real-life operation, it will be tested and demonstrated, like in a “living laboratory”, how innovative energy technologies and system solutions from research can be used and optimised in practice. As a research project, new paths can and should be taken and tested here. Essential key factors are also the local players who are intensively involved and creatively contribute to the development and solution finding in a team. In the NEFI project CE4T foundations and networks are being established to go a step further on the way to a sustainable tourism region. NEFI-expert Tanja Tötzer of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology will speak on this topic at the 3rd Mobility Forum IONICA in Zell am See on October 21, 2020. At this occasion there will be, among others, in the morning of October 21 an exchange workshop with the regional stakeholders. This will be an opportunity to get information about the NEFI project CE4T and find points of reference.

General information on the project

Link to the programme of the 3rd Mobility Forum IONICA (German Version)