TPC_to_Industry – Rotary kiln installed

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by Oxana Schmidt

The NEFI project TPC_to_Industry (Thermal Cracking Process for Energy Recovery to Industry) is developing an exergetic integration concept for a “small-scale demonstrator (SSD)” to process secondary raw materials by using industrial waste heat. Recently, an important milestone in the project has been reached: the project partner Seccon GmbH is installing such an SSD in Upper Austria. The rotary kiln has a throughput of approx. 500 kg/h and 8 individually controllable electrical heating zones in the temperature range 50-950°C. The integration of the SSD in the test operation enables the investigation of a wide variety of input materials on an industrial scale for the first time. Due to the high flexibility, different parameter settings can be tested and the selection process of a suitable industrial plant can be supported significantly. The project is coordinated by the Montanuniversity of Leoben, the Upper Austrian Energiesparverband supports the dissemination.