H2 based CO₂ free Factory

As part of the H2Factory project, a model for a CO2-neutral energy supply for an industrial company is being developed. The finished concept is being demonstrated at the Jenbach site with hydrogen-powered combined heat and power plants (CHP), which supply the production site in Jenbach with energy.

Many industrial companies are currently supplied with electricity and heat from fossil energy sources. From today's perspective, their conversion to an energy supply that is 100% dependent on renewable electricity cannot be implemented everywhere. One alternative being investigated in this project is the switch to green hydrogen.

Following the design of the energy converters, storage units and consumers, the detailed planning and construction of the infrastructure takes place. A CHP-engine is developed for hydrogen operation and existing CHP-engines are converted accordingly. A demonstration plant, hydrogen production and combined heat and power plants are put into operation. The demonstration plant will be monitored over a six-month period in order to demonstrate smooth operation with hydrogen. The results and procedures of this plant design will then be rolled out to the first customer plants.

"The H2Factory project is setting a new milestone by demonstrating a CO2-neutral energy supply on an industrial scale at the Innio site in Jenbach. Everyone is talking about the decarbonization of industrial operations, we are making it happen."

Matthias Veltman
Project manager H2FACTORY,
INNIO Jenbacher GmbH & Co OG


  1. Definition of infrastructure requirements
  2. Determine combustion technology for the CHP-engine
  3. Completion of the hydrogen infrastructure
  4. Successful operation of the Jenbach CHP plant from INNIO
  5. Completion of the demonstration phase

Review of the NEFI Technology Talk ´Hydrogen for Austria's Industry - Challenges and Solutions on the Path to Decarbonisation´

20. September 2023

The NEFI Technology Talk on the topic of 'Hydrogen for Austria's Industry – Challenges and Solutions on the Path to Decarbonisation' provided an opportunity for experts, professionals, and enthusiasts to discuss the current challenges and opportunities related to the integration of hydrogen as a key component in the Austrian industry."

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NEFI Technology Talk: Hydrogen for Austria's Industry - Challenges and Solutions on the Path to Decarbonisation

27. July 2023

The Austrian industry is facing enormous challenges: By 2040, it aims to achieve climate neutrality and complete decarbonisation. Hydrogen is often referred to as the key driver for this transformation.

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Project management
INNIO Jenbacher GmbH & Co OG
Project manager
Matthias Veltman
Project manager H2FACTORY
INNIO Jenbacher GmbH & Co OG
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Running time:
7/22 – 6/25
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€ 4.431.577
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