CE4T – Clean Energy for Tourism

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The innovative approach of “Clean Energy for Tourism” (CE4T) is based on the integrative, systemic optimisation in relation to the three central areas of electricity supply, electricity market and large consumers. CE4T is developing optimisation algorithms, related interfaces and an ICT framework to maximise energy efficiency & integration of renewable energies and to use flexibility options for both power and energy demand of the tourism industry. Especially winter tourism is a very energy intensive sector, where new concepts are needed for the use of renewable energies in the cold season.

„With the project CE4T we are contributing substantially to decarbonising and increasing the efficiency of the winter tourism sector. The aim is to generate the technologies and systems in such a way that they can also be used in other industrial sectors. We thus provide significant added value for further applications. For Salzburg AG this is a further opportunity to be a future-oriented partner for our customers by developing new services and products.“

Norbert Dorfinger
Project manager CE4T
Salzburg AG für Energie, Verkehr und Telekommunikation


  • Decarbonisation of the winter tourism industry using state-of-the-art digitalisation technology

  • Development of optimisation algorithms that show and exploit the required flexibility at all levels and enable integrated system-wide optimisation

  • Development of an energy monitoring system to increase energy efficiency, decarbonisation of energy generation and integration of renewable energy production units into the overall system


  1. Monitoring set up in first ski resorts – already completed in Q1/2020

  2. First optimisation carried out in the ski area for filling a storage pond – completed in Q3/2020

  3. Roll-out of the optimisation tools to the first ski areas

  4. Roll-out of the optimisation tools to other ski areas

  5. Systemic consideration of the interaction between ski area, electricity market and electricity grid


CE4T - Clean Energy for Tourism: Project Successes

06. July 2023

The approach of "Clean Energy for Tourism" (CE4T) is the integrative, systemic optimization of the three central areas: power supply systems, electricity markets, and major consumers in the tourism industry.

The aim of the project was to advance decarbonization in ski resorts. On the one hand, this was achieved through the development and practical testing of optimization algorithms, associated interfaces, and an ICT framework for maximum energy efficiency. On the other hand, it was accomplished by utilizing all flexibility options and enhancing the integration of renewable energies.

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Clean Energy for Tourism: Management and Optimisation of Electricity Consumption in Ski Resorts

14. November 2022

The final consortium meeting of the NEFI project Clean Energy for Tourism took place from 19-20 September 2022. In this project, Salzburg ski resorts, as well as technology and research partners such as the AIT, BEST, Faradis, World Direct, Sattler Energie Consulting and the Montanuniversität Leoben, led by Salzburg AG, investigated opportunities for applying energy system flexibility, CO₂ mitigation options - as well as energy savings, in addition to the increasing the amount of integration of local renewable energy generation in ski resorts.

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NEFI Power Women for the Decarbonisation of Industry

08. March 2022

Despite numerous efforts to promote and address the issue, the proportion of women in technical professions remains low. During the week of the International Women’s Day, the NEFI Innovation Network will highlight successful female technicians. They are NEFI project managers or are pushing the decarbonisation of industry with their know-how and expertise.

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CE4T develops optimisation tools for practice

29. June 2021

Over the past 3 years, in the project Clean Energy for Tourism (CE4T), a Living Lab has been working closely with cable cars from the Pinzgau/Salzburg region. The aim of the project is to identify flexible loads in ski resorts and to develop optimisation algorithms and tools that will identify optimal solutions on the following three levels:

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Tourism flagship region – key elements of a sustainable tourism region

09. October 2020

A sustainable tourism region is created from individual pieces and elements of the puzzle of innovative ideas that fit together to form a large whole thanks to the commitment of interested stakeholders. Supported by the Climate and Energy Fund the project Clean Energy for Tourism (#CE4T) is contributing to complete the picture and aims to work with Pinzgau cable car companies to promote decarbonisation and efficiency improvements in the winter tourism industry.

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Clean Energy for Tourism (#CE4T) – First use of optimization algorithms

29. July 2020

The aim of the CE4T project is to support Salzburg’s ski resorts on their way to decarbonisation by, among other things, identifying flexible loads in ski resorts and deploying them optimally according to network load, electricity market and CO₂ emissions.

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