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As experts in the field of energy supply, it is our mission to provide sustainable solutions to our customers that contribute to decarbonisation. We understand that climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time and that it is the responsibility of all of us to take action to reduce CO₂ emissions and create a more sustainable future.

Our solutions for decarbonisation encompass a wide range of products and services that aim to maximise energy efficiency and minimise CO₂ emissions. Our approach includes both technological innovations and proven methods to offer a comprehensive solution to our customers.

Our solutions at a glance

Using oxyfuel technology allows you to reduce your fuel consumption and consequently your carbon emissions. Furthermore, oxyfuel aids in carbon capture with (ideally) further in-house use.
Target group: Steel and cement industry
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Our control system allows you to control your facilities predictively and in real-time, and to optimize the costs and carbon emissions during operation.
Target group: Manufacturing industry
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With our intelligent online tool, you can optimise your decentralised electrical systems, taking into account CO₂ intensity, energy costs and grid utilisation.
Target group: Electricity-intensive companies with multiple locations
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Our online dashboard allows you to continuously monitor and predict energy consumption. This helps avoid peak loads and reduce electricity costs.
Target group: Ski resorts, energy providers
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In our InduGrid platform, suitable partner companies are identified to form a corporate energy community.
Target group: Companies
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Our planning tool provides you with a comprehensive energy concept, incorporating optimal integration of renewable energy sources while minimizing energy costs and CO₂ emissions. The results can serve as a basis for a prompt investment decision.
Target group: Communities, companies, emerging energy communities
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We advise you in the process of planning and implementing a decarbonized and autonomous supply of heating and cooling involving all available renewable sources of energy such as (industrial) waste heat and geothermal energy.
Target group: Municipalities
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