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The exchange of energy between companies – now made possible by legal changes – creates new opportunities for CO2 reduction and improves the competitiveness of industrial companies. The lead project ‘Industrial Microgrids’ is developing a platform that makes industrial energy consumption and production visible in a spatial context.


  • Creation of a platform for the presentation of suitable industrial participants for an Energy Community in a spatial environment, considering the technical, business and legal framework.
  • Application of the platform for industrial energy communities at three locations in Upper Austria (Wels, Ennshafen and Hagenberg) with different framework conditions such as electrical energy exchange, thermal exchange, combined thermal-electrical exchange;
  • Development of business models and their direct evaluation by means of simulations on the developed platform.
  • Evaluation of the socio-economic effects as well as the public benefit in terms of awareness raising and flexibility possibilities for companies, employees and end customers. At the three locations, energy communities are currently being tested and mapped on a simulation basis.

The exchange of energy across company borders is currently subject to a multitude of organisational, legal and techno-economic hurdles. Companies could take a more active role in energy supply and start local cooperation. Many new questions and problems are emerging for these industrial energy communities:

Which companies are well suited for an emerging Energy Community?

Who coordinates supply/purchase/storage of Energy Communities?

How big are the (monetary) advantages of such Energy Communities?

“InduGrid creates a unique platform of industrial companies that want to benefit from energy exchange, companies that develop new services for this energy exchange, researchers and the public sector. It is at the forefront of the new European concepts of Energy Communities and thus opens up new opportunities for industrial energy transformation.”


Gerald Steinmaurer,

Project manager InduGrid,
Head of Energy Research, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria


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