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Energy Monitoring and Forecasting Dashboard

Our online dashboard allows you to continuously monitor and predict energy consumption, thereby helping to avoid peak loads and reduce electricity costs.
Target group: Ski resorts, energy suppliers

By continuously monitoring and forecasting energy consumption, the efficiency of the entire system can be increased and the share of renewable energy raised, leading to a reduction in carbon emissions. Detecting peak loads also allows cost-efficient and precise deployment planning, for example during the energy-intensive winter season when ski resorts operate snowmaking machines.

Our online dashboard allows the operation of individual technical units and processes to be optimized for all stakeholders involved, facilitating effective energy management for entire ski regions.

The platform offers the opportunity to reduce energy costs by fully exploiting available flexibilities, and provides more accurate measurement and forecast data. The impressive thing is that no additional hardware installation is required to use the dashboard. Alternatively, an optional hardware controller allows live data to be monitored and visualized.

Our system provides you with significant support in the following areas:

  • Holistic monitoring and visualization of energy flows
  • Minimising electricity costs by increasing energy efficiency
  • Monitoring and evaluating optimization processes
  • Planning snowmaking and operation
  • Reducing peak loads
  • Minimising the carbon footprint

For energy suppliers, the system also offers:

  • Flexibility planning
  • Consumption and generation forecasts
  • Use of data in energy trading

Blick und können durch gezielte Maßnahmen Ihre Energiekosten senken.

Our service

Step 1: Customise the dashboard

We adapt the dashboard to reflect the conditions in your ski resort, taking into account all generators and consumers.

Step 2: Implementation

The implementation is carried out in close cooperation with your energy supplier. If not already available, relevant interfaces are established, all without the need for additional hardware.

The dashboard ensures you always have an overview of the energy flows in your entire ski region and can take targeted measures to reduce both your energy costs and carbon emissions.

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