Optimised Decentralised Electrical Systems

With our intelligent online tool, you can optimise your decentralised electrical systems, taking into account CO₂ intensity, energy costs and grid utilisation.
Target group: Electricity-intensive companies with multiple locations

Optimising control of distributed electrical systems is often a challenge. It offers the potential of reducing carbon emissions and energy costs, while ensuring an efficient, cost-effective and sustainable use of electrical systems.

The goal is to achieve the highest possible degree of energy efficiency while at the same time providing flexibility to reduce demand peaks and associated grid loads.

The ENDOPT optimisation tool is relevant for electricity-intensive enterprises with multiple locations or metering points, provided that flexible consumption, generation or storage facilities are available. Automated intervention in the plant(s) should already be possible or in planning.

The advantages of optimisation with ENDOPT are manifold:

  1. Comprehensive optimisation of distributed electrical systems allows the efficient control and coordination of various electrical facilities across the entire company.
  2. Using flexible energy tariffs allows electricity costs to be minimised, as energy use can be shifted to lower-price times.
  3. Avoiding or reducing peak loads optimises power consumption, leading to further cost reductions.
  4. Comprehensive optimisation makes a significant contribution to reducing the company’s carbon footprint by making it possible to use energy more efficiently, thereby saving resources and significantly reducing the environmental impact.

Our service

ENDOPT supports the efficient, cost-effective and sustainable operation of your distributed systems.

Step 1: Analysis of the status quo

The first step involves a comprehensive analysis of the technical, economic and regulatory framework conditions, as well as an examination of your existing facilities.

Step 2: Techno-economic assessment

Subsequently, a techno-economic evaluation is carried out to assess the potential for savings.

Step 3: Connection and adaption

The optimisation tool is seamlessly connected to your specific systems and tailored to your specific needs and requirements in order to ensure a customised solution.

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